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Monday, October 6, 2014

My interview with Macaroni Kid - A publication here in the Springs

Thom Opens Up the Conversation of Bullying Through Martial Arts

By: Written by Nohea March; Interview with Thom Seehafer

I am so excited to share my first Featured Business Story with you! I am all about supporting small business and wanted to feature local businesses through Macaroni Kid. I juggled with the idea between rewriting this entire interview or just taking the responses and posting them in this article. After tossing around the options, I decided I wanted this particular article to be raw, to be real, and personal. Because of this, I have decided all my Featured Business Stories will be just that! So let's learn about different businesses and owners while they tell their very own story!

Before I start the interview, I want to share why I chose this business and owner. October is many things, Halloween time, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Fire Prevention Week occurs in October. Something that I think is so important is the fact that October has been named
National Bullying Prevention Month. I think this topic is so important and needs to be spoken about a lot more. I know this is my 1st newsletter as Publisher Mom, but I am willing to take this risk and open up the line of conversation for this topic.

I am so excited to introduce you to
Thom Seehafer, owner of POHENIX Fitness & Kenpo Studio. This man is doing wonderful things to open up the conversation of bullying and spreading awareness.                                          

Nohea: What is the history behind your business?

Thom: I have spent over 25 years of my life in the studies of martial arts and personal
training. I have a unique style, I feel, that makes people really enjoy learning, challenging and building strength in their bodies. Where we practice martial arts is called a STUDIO, although there are many names for this, with the more familiar one being DOJO. I call it a studio because a studio is where people can be
creative, free thinking and develop their own style. This is what MY focus is for getting people involved in martial arts/self defense. We focus on the physical muscle strength as well as the mental strength. It all comes together as a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is tailored to fit the individuals uniqueness. My classes are not cookie cutter style classes and I believe I can help people change their life’s situations.

Nohea: What services do you provide through your studio?

Thom: Besides personal training, and martial arts/self defense classes, we also offer
kickboxing and regular boxing classes, kettle bell classes, a Kids Against Bullies Class for ages 5-12 and then we have a class called “Teaching Reaction to Action," which is an awareness class which is for ages 12 and up with focus on the adults. It focuses a bit more on overall awareness, what to look for and how to handle stress and situations that may come up in one’s life.

Nohea: As a business owner myself, it is important to me to know how businesses are being supportive in our community. So, how is your business benefiting or an asset to our community?

Thom: Let’s start with the personal training business. My name PHOENIX represents the achievement of the mythical bird, who if memory serves, rose from the ashes to basically live again, or recreate itself. And this is what I focus on and try to get across to my clients. No matter what you are handed in life, IF you are determined and are strong, you can achieve, rise and be INCREDIBLE…….I try to get people to realize THEY have the tools necessary and I just am the one to put the tools into their hands or brain.

My martial arts will help people build their self confidence, deal with stress and also help them to deal with the dangers we face sometimes in our lives. It’s about awareness and not thinking that “It can’t happen to me” and it’s about having the tools or the ability to take the steps necessary to come out the other side shining and finally, I show them how to take action, look it in the eye, standing straight up….and change their lives.

Nohea: Lastly, What are your hopes and goals for your business?

Thom: I want people to realize that I teach MORE than just martial arts , self defense
and personal training. I bring so much more energy, ideas, life, motivation and creativity to the table in all these areas. I don’t teach martial arts so people can “FIGHT” – I teach martial arts to people so they are able to protect themselves and have the confidence and know they have the ability inside them. I also hope to bring my Kids Against Bullies program into Colorado Springs, with it eventually changing to 501c3 nonprofit program in 2015.

Thank you so much Thom, for sharing your amazing business with us. He is truly adding a great service to our community. Plus, his classes are perfect for any age, young or old. This can even be a new activity for the entire family! If anyone is intersted in his services, be sure to call him at
(719) 930-6365skypec2c://r/204(719) 930-6365. Also, see his business listing in our Business Directory for more info!! Stay tuned for next weeks interview with Thom as we dive a little deeper into bullying prevention and awareness.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Kenpo Law of Flexibility

Welcome to , home of Kenpo Karate of Woodland Park, Colorado Springs and PHOENIX fitness of Colorado Springs

The law of flexibility is the law of survival. Kenpo is unique in that it adapts to your build, personality and spirit. If you stand 4 feet 10 inches tall, it makes little sense for you to focus on kicking when your greatest strengths may be mobility and quickness.
 If you are a 110-pound woman, it makes little sense for you to grapple with a 230- pound assailant. The old kenpo masters showed their wisdom when they proclaimed that in a fight for your life, you should use what you know best and forget about the sanctity of the style. Every practitioner has different attributes that can make him or her effective.

A tall person with long legs may have an advantage with kicking; a short person may have an advantage with his hands; and a heavy person may have an advantage in grappling. The law of flexibility allows them all to develop their own repertoire of techniques from within kenpo.

Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park

Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park
DARE = DRUG Abuse Resistance Education