Kenpo Karate Woodland Park, CO - Kenpo Karate Colorado Springs - Kenpo Karate Colorado


Kenpo Karate & PHOENIX fitness of Woodland Park
The Premier Self Defense & Personal Training Studio in Teller County

Kenpo Inspired Martial Arts Classes (45 minutes)
Ages 5 & Up -  Free 30 Minute Introductory Package - Includes Uniforms & Belt Testing
$200 for 10 classes                      Each additional child $25
OPEN Gym for all Members upon joining

Fitness Coaching (45 minutes)
Nutrition, Weights, Core, Cardio   (45 minutes)
10 classes for $200 (for 1 person)   $25 (for each additional person) 

Kenpo Kombat Bootcamp (45 minutes)
An intense class combining HIIT, Core, Boxing & Self Defense Techniques   
12 classes for $180

Wee Warriors Program (30 minutes)
Teaches respect, balance, posture, coordination, discipline 
8 classes     $110                 (Ages 3 & 4)

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Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park

Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park
DARE = DRUG Abuse Resistance Education