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Getting More Out of Your Workout and What Steps to Take

Money well spent — that’s what you want to get out of your fitness training. Unfortunately, that may not be the case when you find yourself overwhelmed by the heady selection of machines and exercise equipment. If it’s not the confusing array of machines in your gym, it’s the crowded fitness classes that prevent you from considering your fitness regimen as “money well spent.” And pretty soon, you’ll throw in the towel and simply not workout.
Giving up on getting fit is like giving in to getting sick and weak. Both will not only put a cramp on your nightlife but also make you spend more on health care.  Here is a three-step process to get you started.

Step 1. Work it with the right trainer.
Choosing your personal trainer is kind of like choosing your physician: You want someone who is not only competent and has gained sufficient experience, but you also need to be comfortable around your trainer. The right trainer may not only help you achieve your fitness objectives but he or she could even make the entire experience so phenomenal, you’ll actually come away with a new friend.
Find out more about the personal trainers you are considering. Discover their fitness philosophies and training styles. Know if they have helped many clients accomplish goals, from the results to the time it took to get those results. And, of course, ask about their training fees.
Step 2.Talk about your health and fitness goals.
You may go into fitness training thinking you want to just lose the tummy fat or to look toned for a beach vacation. Whatever fitness goals you have in mind, make sure to talk it out with your personal trainer so you’ll get a tailored fitness program. No goal is too small or too big for the right trainer.
But while you’re talking about slimming down or toning up, you should also tell your trainer about your fitness condition. Is this the first time you’ll be following a training program? Have you worked out before but stopped years ago? Did you recently have an accident that resulted in an injury? Be honest about your fitness history so you’ll get a training program that maximizes results and keeps you safe.
Step 3. Commit to your fitness training.
Finally, you may have hired the right trainer with the best credentials in the industry but if you are not willing to do the work then you will not see results. So focus on your training. Bring a good attitude to every session. And commit to your fitness and health — it will be the best money you’ll ever spend.

I take immense pride at being considered a "rockstar," a true professional, or simply one of the very best at what I do, and strive to earn those types of accolades every single day of my life.

Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park

Thom with the DARE Bear in Woodland Park
DARE = DRUG Abuse Resistance Education